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Renner stores are one of the largest clothing department store chains in Brazil, with a pioneering and expanding trajectory. Renner stores have a solid

corporate culture and an enchanting-driven management that seeks to exceed customer expectations. In 1996, Renner created the “Encantômetro”, an electronic panel located at the exit of each store to monitor the quality of service offered by employees, consumer perception and degree of enchantment.

In an exclusive interview with Otimis, Renner Stores IT Executive Vagner Alves Rosa tells us about the choice of the WMS solution, the implementation executed by the Otimis team in conjunction with the Renner team, and the relationship of this project with aggressive growth strategy.


What challenges faced by the company led to the search for a WMS?
The challenge proposed by Lojas Renner is to be a reference of model and movement of materials in the clothing and accessories sector in Latin America, making the logistic operational excellence in its Supply Chain the platform for the aggressive growth proposed for the coming years.


Why did the company select the HighJump Software?
Renner has selected a world-class system such as HighJump to manage the automated operations of the new DCs, and thus achieve high operational productivity to give more flow to store service and planned operational growth.


Will the HighJump system help the company meet any governmental and industrial regulations?
Yes. Using best logistics practices coupled with the speed and accuracy provided by the automated DC systems, which are managed by the WMS HighJump, will enable Renner to increase its productivity by complying with industry and government regulations.


What is unique about Renner Stores, and how does HighJump support unique factors?
The company pioneered the introduction of the Lifestyles concept in 2012 in the development of its collections and the organization of its stores. The coordinated display of clothes, footwear and accessories, in brands that reflect different attitudes, interests and personalities, facilitates the choice of customers, as it allows them to clearly identify the set of pieces that best reflects their way of being and living, optimizing their shopping time. In order for stores to always have the necessary inventory to maintain this concept and the company's desired growth, the Rio de Janeiro DC, which uses the WMS HighJump, has an unprecedented degree of automation in Brazil for the clothing and accessories sector. Automated systems such as Hang Sorter, Marq IV and Bombay Sorter are part of this facility which, in turn, are managed by the Warehouse Advantage HighJump.

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