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When the largest wholesaler in Latin America, with more than 165 thousand square meters of storage space, 41 branches of cross-docking, and more than 1,100 vehicles, decided to seek a WMS solution, the choice could not have been otherwise: Martins Chose HighJump's Warehouse Advantage.

Following a challenging project where the Martins and Otimis teams worked collaboratively, the WMS is deployed and manages the operations on the company's eight DCs as a strategic solution for the business. 

Arley Mariano da Silva, from Martins' IT department, recognizes the role of the platform: "Today, it is true that HighJump's WMS supports the growth of Martins. It is a management tool that avoids problems and anticipates adverse situations without letting them reach the company's customers."

In an interview with Decision Report magazine, the company's CIO, Flávio Martins, comments: "I can know online, in real time, what is happening on the DC, who is working, who is producing less and I can, for example, equally distribute the burden of people and make them walk less inside the warehouse. The system also facilitates initiatives such as making inventories, which once took a full day to complete. "

Following this, the executive celebrates the results achieved with the solution. "We were able to increase production by about 18% with the same amount of resources. You're optimizing, gaining productivity individually and in processes, and when you see, you've made gains in operations as a whole," he concludes.

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