HighJump announces new Strategic Partnership with Otimis

HighJump, a global supplier of Supply Chain solutions, announced this week a new strategic alliance with Otimis, an organization focused exclusively on HighJump solutions and voice systems. With this new agreement, HighJump and Otimis will work together on marketing strategies, pre-sales, deployment and customer support across Latin America.

HighJump's Warehouse Management System (WMS) has seen double-digit growth throughout the region over the past five years, and has helped customers better manage their highly complex supply chains. HighJump's WMS adaptability enables companies to create efficient workflows that are fully adaptable to the operation. Users can make changes to the system without vendor dependency, which leads to lower total cost of ownership and is crucial in a region in continuous economic expansion.  

"HighJump is making an important strategic move in the region, and the Otimis team could not be more enthusiastic about it," said Otimis CEO Helcio Lenz. "It's the consolidation of a long-term relationship between HighJump and Otimis, coupled with commitment and collaboration. HighJump is once again demonstrating a strong focus in this region, and we at Otimis are honored to be a part of it. "

Otimis, with nearly 60 employees fully dedicated to HighJump in São Paulo and Blumenau, has been implementing HighJump solutions worldwide for a decade. The company has supported HighJump in deployments in more than 50 distribution centers with more than 4,000 users. These projects gave Otimis valuable insight into HighJump's solutions.

"There has been an increase in our business in Latin America and Otimis has become increasingly vital to this expansion," said David Houser, HighJump's Senior Vice President of International Sales. "Otimis has a proven track record of attracting great, respected customers in Brazil and turning them into successful HighJump users. We look forward to expanding their expertise to clients and potential customers throughout Latin America."

About the WMS tool: The WMS Highjump system, offered in Brazil by Otimis since 2004, promotes operational excellence in warehouses and DCs, stimulates and supports collaboration between customers, suppliers and other business partners, making it possible to effectively manage space resources, stocks, equipment and people. The WMS helps reduce errors, improves inventory accuracy, improves productivity, better reorganizes space, eliminates physical inventory, and more, to help warehouse management and optimize storage and distribution operations.

About Otimis: As a Supply Chain Solutions company, people at Otimis know what it takes for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and logistics operators to meet the needs of their customers in a competitive and ever-changing market. Implementing warehouse management, voice picking and RFID solutions for more than a decade, Otimis has helped some of LATAM's largest organizations streamline operations and achieve world-class results. Today, dozens of warehouses and thousands of users are using the solutions implemented and supported by Otimis, some of them being the most sophisticated supply chains in Brazil.

About HighJump: In almost every industry, buyers are becoming fickler and more demanding. For logistics executives, meeting the buyer's needs effectively has become a constant pursuit of speed and agility. Traditional supply chain solutions - complex and difficult to implement - are no longer sufficient, as competitors find ways to deliver goods faster and more cost effectively.

In today's economy, HighJump helps your business stay agile with adaptable, connected solutions that leverage the power of your network of business partners. From warehouse to store, from work area to driver's cabin, we can help you achieve new levels of supply chain capacity, performance and profitability.

HighJump’s suite of solutions for warehouse management, business integration, transportation management and retail/delivery and routing solutions form a complete, powerful and highly adaptable platform that enables you to boost growth, customer satisfaction and revenue. HighJump: supply chain accelerated.

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